10 Secrets to Dominating Fiverr

There’s no shortcut to getting featured on Fiverr. No amount of cash will squeeze you onto the first page in your chosen category. You have to put in the work. This is about ‘the work.’


1. Make your title easy to understand and use keywords that describe your gig.


2. Using caps on one keyword in the heading will help it rank in searches (they won’t let you use caps on more than one word).


3. Produce a professional-looking video to promote your gig. The great thing about Fiverr is that you have a vast range of professionals offering every marketing and promotional service under the sun, all for $5. Put some thought into your presentation and spend a little money. It will pay off. (I recently commissioned a voice over for my poetry gig, it made a massive difference to the quality and presentation) Learn more about how to rank Fiverr gig.


4. Always deliver your gig on time. If you don’t, you’ll get lousy feedback and loose custom. Fiverr wants gigsters who earn lots of money (so the Fiverr bosses can get their $1 commission) Be cautious at first, imagine if you have ten orders coming in per day, how long would you need to complete them? You can always reduce the time once you find your feet.


5. Offer something original. Spend time looking through the different categories and exploring the wild and beautiful gigs there. You’re bound to get some inspiration. Oh! And try to do what you love, it will show in your dedication and quality of service.


6. Make your profile and gig pictures unique and original. The personal touch helps build confidence and trust. A description of you on your profile and a picture/graphic on each of your gigs that communicates well works best.


7. Be willing to offer a ‘buy one get one free’ deal to get plenty of sales quickly and boost your feedback. People who get a great deal are more likely to give glowing feedback. Fiverr likes that kind of relationship and rewards it too. Easy SEO friendly method for how to rank on Fiverr.


8. Mention that your gig is exclusively on Fiverr, at least twice during your videos or audios. Also include the Fiverr logo on any videos and make sure you load your videos onto YouTube for extra exposure. Putting a link in your YouTube description that points back to your gig URL at Fiverr is a great marketing strategy.


9. Please write an article about your experience on fiver and submit it to EzineArticles and other leading article submission sites. These are free services and essential weapons in your battle to get onto page 1. Remember to include your gig URL in the bio or resource box too.


10. Promote, promote, promote whenever and wherever you can. Use your social networks. Join forums that tie in with your gigs and mention them there. Add a signature to your emails and include your gig URL. There are hundreds of opportunities on the internet to get free advertising. Use as many as you can and watch your ranking improve, and your orders increase.


I trust that the tips here have been helpful and that you understand a little more about the world of Fiverr. Check out my Fiverr gigs here.