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labor Relations and Human Resources

The Covid-19 crisis has led to changes in the labor relations of companies. Many of them have been forced to resort to the services of agencies, consultancies and consultants to adjust their human resources strategies and implement new measures and ways of providing work. All of them effective and adapted to current circumstances. This is where the labor relations specialist becomes a key figure.

If you are considering studying the Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources Online at the European University, in this article we give you the reasons why it is a good idea to do so and we list the main professional opportunities to which you can choose.


Labor relations are those actions that are implemented within a company with the purpose of promoting its productivity , at the same time that it is sought that there is a good working environment between the company itself, the staff and the unions.

The person who acts as an intermediary in all this is the specialist in labor relations. This has specific training, such as the Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources, which enables them to make an evaluation taking into account the dynamic nature of the business environment , as well as to design and implement innovative proposals that improve structure and productivity. of the company and that facilitate labor relations (internal and external). For this, it always takes into account the business and human rights regulatory framework, national and international, in force at all times.

In addition to this, it is trained in the defense and application of fundamental rights, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and ethical values in the workplace.

And, of course, do to be up-to-date regarding the use of new technologies applied to the field of Labor Relations: social networks, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.

But not everything goes through adequate training, to be a specialist in labor relations it is recommended to have certain skills or personal traits, such as:

  • Analytical and strategic thinking
  • Ability to organize work and manage human teams
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and make objective decisions
  • Have communicative qualities
  • Be responsible and upright
  • Leadership


This Online Degree, in addition to providing you with knowledge in different areas (Law, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, etc.), will make you a professional adapted to the new digital scenarios of Labor Relations and Human Resources.

During your training period at the European University, you will learn to:

  • Trace work processes according to the “new normal” .
  • Exercise legal-labor advice and representation , both collectively and individually.
  • Establish human talent management policies to attract and retain the best ( Employer Branding ).
  • Promote transparency through an internal communication plan. 
  • Apply innovative techniques based on the use of new technologies ( digital onboarding , e-recruitment , HR Analytics, Big Data, social networks, etc.) to optimize personnel management, internal processes, etc.
  • Guide others in VUCA environments (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)

And if you want to go further in your learning, do not hesitate and consult our offer of Masters in Business and Technology . Specialize and give added value to your professional profile.


Once you finish your Bachelor’s studies, and thanks to the versatility of the training and its digital approach, the professional opportunities in Labor Relations and Human Resources are very varied and include organizations from both the private and public spheres.

Below, we have compiled some of the most prominent profiles according to the type of entity:


  • Head of selection
  • Responsible for compensation and benefits
  • Head of training and development
  • Head of internal communication
  • Legal-labor advisor and manager
  • Professional in management, mediation and intervention in the labor market
  • Advisor in the field of occupational health
  • Consultant of the socio-labor area
  • Coach and mentor


Another of the professional opportunities of Labor Relations and Human Resources is the Public Administration, both at the state, regional and local level. However, it is necessary to have approved the corresponding Oppositions to access these positions, in addition to complying with the rest of the requirements and which vary depending on the contest.

Among the state agencies that usually make calls expressly addressed to graduates or graduates in Labor Relations, are:


  • Superior Body of Tax Inspectors
  • Superior Body of State Insurance Inspectors
  • Superior Body of State Auditors and Auditors

Ministry of Labor and Social Economy:

  • Superior Body of Controllers and Auditors of the Social Security Administration
  • Superior Body of Technicians of the Social Security Administration

As for the regional and local public administrations , they also carry out calls for Competitions. In some of them, a specific title is not required to appear.


Accrediting compliance with the conditions and requirements that are demanded in each institution:

  • Universities, academies or business schools.
  • Educational centers in which Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), Baccalaureate or Professional Training is taught.
  • Specialized training for the labor market.
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