Biotechnology and what it is and what are its professional opportunities



Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary science that is progressing at breakneck speed. Its advances and applications are increasing and we are not even talking about the positive impact, both environmentally and socially, that these have on our day to day. However, to continue giving continuity to this, it is essential to have professionals who have adequate training. Do you want to be one of them?

If you are passionate about Science and Technology, in this article we will give you answers to 2 big questions: what it consists of and what are the main career opportunities in Biotechnology.


Biotechnology starts from the conception that the living being is a biological machine composed of molecules, which help us to carry out basic functions such as, for example, moving, obtaining energy, breathing or thinking, among others.

Taking this basic idea, the professionals of this scientific branch seek how to manipulate the “biological technology” of other living beings in a way that can be beneficial for humans : generate healthier food, improve medicines, create more resistant materials, obtain crops produce more, invent new sources of renewable energy and even devise innovative mechanisms to eliminate pollution.


Without a doubt, one of the most important factors when choosing a career is your job offers. In this regard, Biotechnology is considered one of the scientific areas with the greatest potential for professional growth and, therefore, with a high rate of employability.

This is mainly due to the large number of fields it covers (pharmaceutical, agri-food, chemical, environmental, etc.) and also due to the multitude of applications it has in all of them.

Below, we have prepared a breakdown of the most interesting career opportunities in Biotechnology. To do this, we have divided them by sectors:


Thanks to the application of Biotechnology in this field, we are moving towards an increasingly personalized and effective Medicine.

Therefore, with the proper training, you will be able to detect infections and diseases of genetic origin and develop new drugs and vaccines that better respond to human needs.

Above, for a few years, it is possible to take the BIR exam . Currently, this is the only possibility to work in a public or private hospital as a Health Specialist.


By means of Biotechnology techniques, you will be able to improve the quality of the plants and animals from which the food comes , as well as improve the microorganisms that intervene in its elaboration.

You will also participate in tasks related to food safety and control.


With the help of Biotechnology, you will help increase the productivity of crops, making them more efficient and profitable , as well as producing more nutritious and environmentally friendly food.


Through biosecurity strategies (practices to avoid risks to health and the environment) and bioremediation (use of living organisms to suppress or counteract environmental pollutants), you will be in charge of protecting the environment in which we live and its resources , as well as fighting man-made natural disasters (fossil fuel spills into the sea, scorched soils, etc.).


If you choose this sector, your day to day will be focused on improving industrial processes through research and development of substances and products that cause less environmental impact .

Likewise, you can dedicate yourself to the creation of new sustainable materials. 


Another of the professional opportunities of Biotechnology is to carry out research in universities, hospitals, R + D + i departments of companies or research centers , both public and private.

In the same way, with the Degree in Biotechnology and the corresponding complementary training, you will be able to dedicate yourself to teaching at Secondary, Professional Training and University levels .


Do you like all the positive that Biotechnology can bring to society and nature? Do you want to contribute to the development of a better and more sustainable world? Do not hesitate and study our Degree in Biotechnology.

Now, if your thing is to go further and you prefer a greater specialization, at the European University we offer you another of the most demanded academic training in this scientific area and with more future work: the  Double Degree in Pharmacy and Biotechnology .

But these are not our only options for Health and Biomedical Degrees . Take a look at all of them and see which of them is adapted according to where you want to orient your professional profile.

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