Career opportunities in Architecture salaries, functions and what to study

Career opportunities in Architecture

Career opportunities in Architecture

People who decide to train in architecture have access to a wide range of possibilities in professional opportunities within the sector. Studying architecture involves a combination of creativity, design, vision, analytical skills, mathematics, and engineering. That means that when you finish your degree in architecture, you will be able to choose from numerous professional career options.

In this post, we will see in more detail what are the different possibilities of working in the architecture sector and what is the salary of an architect in Spain .


These are just some of the examples of job opportunities you can find after studying architecture :

  • Architect : As an architect, you will be in charge of designing new buildings or altering existing structures, as well as advising on the restoration and conservation of old buildings. You will be able to work on individual buildings or large remodeling projects, and your responsibility may extend to the design of the landscape and the spaces around it.
  • Planner and manager of land planning and urban planning: Urban design has grown considerably as a professional career and a professional career in this field offers an interesting and varied environment with good opportunities for progression. The sector continues to grow steadily in line with population growth. Generally, you specialize in a specific area, such as:
    • urban environments – towns and cities
    • rural environments – villages
    • spatial – parks, open spaces
    • generalist – you work on projects that cover all of the above.
  • Cultural manager and promoter : Due to the importance of the promotion, conservation and creation of culture, in recent years a new profession has emerged: cultural management. Cultural managers are people with specialized knowledge in art, history, culture and language. Its main function is to promote, encourage, design and carry out cultural and artistic projects.
  • Team manager in construction-related companies: As a project manager in the construction sector, you will be responsible for ensuring that a construction project is completed safely, within a defined time frame and an agreed budget. By managing the practical side of each stage of construction, you’ll work closely with architects, surveyors, and other construction professionals in planning and delivery.
  • Real estate consultant : The real estate consultant is a highly informed professional and aware of everything that has to do with the purchase and sale of properties. It has several functions such as:
    • Location advice
    • Market information
    • Competitive analysis
    • Financial / mortgage information.
    • Property valuation
    • Real estate marketing advice.
  • Estate Administrator: As an estate administrator, you are in charge of the historical or patrimonial preservation of a site or building. Your goal will be to allow a farm to function as efficiently as possible. Through careful management and coordination, you will seek to solve problems and maximize the financial returns of the estate.
  • Sustainability and energy: An option in demand now after studying a MASTER IN ARCHITECTURE is in the sustainability and energy sector. Architectural technologists use their creativity and technical knowledge to turn innovative designs into durable and sustainable construction.


With so many different career options after completing a degree, double degree in architecture and interior design or a master’s degree, it is difficult to put an exact figure when asking about the salary of an architect in Spain .

Although it is true that there are reports and research on how much an architect earns and the average salary in Spain is around € 29,000. It should be noted that there is a wide salary range depending on the area in which you work, and salaries also increase as you progress in your professional career. Beginners start with an income of about € 23,000 a year, while more experienced professionals receive up to € 50,000 a year.


At the European University, we offer a very broad portfolio of programs in the area of ??architecture . Within our academic offer you can take degrees, expert courses and masters, so you can choose depending on your experience and profile.

If you have other personal or professional commitments, don’t worry – we have face-to-face and online programs – something allows you to combine everything in a very flexible way. As one of the best private universities in Spain, we have first-rate facilities such as the FABLab Digital Manufacturing laboratory, Manual Manufacturing workshop and the Design Innovation Workshop.

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