Comparison of the best MacBook Pro of recent years

Comparison of the best MacBook Pro of recent years

The new MacBook Pro laptops are already here and it is normal to hesitate when buying one. What differences do they have between them? To resolve this question, we have made a comparison of MacBook Pro models from recent years .

Powered by Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, the new 2021 MacBook Pro’s hardware features major improvements to both the CPU and GPU. But it is not only that, the comparison of the MacBook Pro of 2021 against those of 2020 offers a greater amount of RAM memory along with much more improved screens for the new models.

If what you’re reading catches your eye, feel free to read on for an in-depth comparison of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros vs. Intel’s 13-inch M1 and 16-inch MacBook Pros. Learn more about kupujem prodajem crna gora.

While Apple managed to impress us all with the M1 processor in the MacBook Pro, Air, and Mac mini in late 2020, the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips make us wonder. Is it worth spending more on the new processors? Are there more improvements apart from the M1 Pro and Max? The reality is that yes, from the increase in the RAM memory configuration to 64 GB, to a CPU with up to 10 cores and a GPU with up to 32 cores.

Other novelties that the 2021 MacBook Pro brings us compared to the previous models are the 1080p webcams, the Liquid Retina XDR screen with mini-LED backlighting, the update of the external connections compatible with HDMI, SD and MagSafe, and much more. But we do not want to bet everything on the new MacBook Pro and the fact is that the previous ones also have a lot of good , especially for their price. So it’s time to compare them and decide which one we prefer.

hardware comparison

There’s a lot to take in from the table above, but we can start by saying that the M1 Pro offers 70% faster performance than the M1 and twice the GPU performance of the M1. Thanks in part to the fact that the M1 Pro has a memory bandwidth of 200 GB/s. Although if we go further and jump to the next model, in Apple’s words the M1 Max offers a GPU performance 4 times higher than the M1 with a memory bandwidth of 400 GB / s. In both cases, both the M1 Pro and the M1 Max have CPUs with up to 10 cores, made up of 8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores.

16? MacBook Pro Intel (2019)13? MacBook Pro (2020)14? MacBook Pro (2021)16? MacBook Pro (2021)
ProcessorUp to Intel Core i9 – 8-coreM1 – 8-coreM1 Pro or M1 Max – 8 or 10-coreM1 Pro or M1 Max – 10-core
StorageUp to 8TBUp to 2TBUp to 8TBUp to 8TB
RAMFrom 16 to 64GB8 or 16GBFrom 16 to 64GBFrom 16 to 64GB
GraphicsUp to AMD Radeon Pro 5600M8-coreUp to 32-coreUp to 32-core
neural engine16-core16-core16-core16-core
Speakers6 hi-fi speakersStereo speakers with high dynamic range6 hi-fi speakers6 hi-fi speakers
microphonesStudio-quality 3-mic arrayStudio-quality 3-mic arrayStudio-quality 3-mic arrayStudio-quality 3-mic array

With this we can say that in the comparison the new MacBook Pro offer a much higher performance than the old ones . Because if having the maximum power to work is one of your priorities (also taking into account the support for up to 4 external screens), you will want to upgrade to the M1 Max. If not, the M1 Pro should be quite powerful.

Screen Comparison

Comparisons hurt and our comparison between MacBook Pro was not going to be less. In this sense, one of the main novelties of the two new MacBook Pro laptops of 2021 are the Liquid Retina XDR screens .

While the original Liquid Retina display of the 2020 and 2019 MacBooks was already one of the best on the market, with the new Apple it has been surpassed . The new Apple laptops feature reduced bezels, twice the brightness thanks to its mini-LED backlight, a significant improvement in refresh rates up to 120Hz, and a higher resolution / density of pixels per inch.

16? MacBook Pro Intel (2019)13? MacBook Pro (2020)14? MacBook Pro (2021)16? MacBook Pro (2021)
Screen size16?13.3?14.2?16.2?
screen ratio16:1016:1016:10 + notch16:10 + notch
Nits (Brightness)500500up to 1600up to 1600
retina displayYesYesDo notDo not
Liquid Retina XDR displayDo notDo notYesYes
ProMotion (up to 120Hz)Do notDo notYesYes
Mini LED backlightDo notDo notYesYes
True ToneYesYesYesYes
P3 Wide colorYesYesYesYes

Connections and ports

Another of the great changes of the new MacBook Pro laptops compared to the previous models is (finally) the return of external connections. For these new laptops Apple has included an HDMI port, an SDXC card reader and the return of MagSafe . On the other hand, what we have lost with the new update is the Touch Bar, which disappears on the 14? and 16? MacBook Pro from 2021.

13? MacBook Pro (2020)14? MacBook Pro (2021)16? MacBook Pro (2021)16? MacBook Pro Intel (2019)
Magic KeyboardYesYesYesYes
Touch IDYesYesYesYes
touch-barYesDo notDo notYes
HDMIDo notYesYesDo not
SDXC card readerDo notYesYesDo not
MagSafe chargingDo notYesYesDo not
WifiWi-Fi 6 ( 6 ( 6 ( 5 (
External display support1 external display with resolution Up to 6K at 60HzUp to 2 external displays with resolution Up to 6K@60Hz (M1 Pro) or up to 3 external displays with resolution Up to 6K and 1 external display with resolution Up to 4K@60Hz (M1 Max)Up to 2 external displays with resolution Up to 6K@60Hz (M1 Pro) or Up to 3 external displays with resolution Up to 6K and 1 external display with resolution Up to 4K@60Hz (M1 Max)Up to 2 displays with 6K resolution at 60Hz or up to 4 displays with 4K resolution at 60Hz

Size, weight and finishes

One of the disadvantages of the 2021 MacBook compared to the previous ones is that they weigh more, although not too much, especially considering that they have larger screens, greater power and connectivity. So just this once we’ll let it slide. In terms of size, despite the improvements it is very similar and in terms of design, all models remain identical in silver and space gray.

16? MacBook Pro Intel (2019)13? MacBook Pro (2020)14? MacBook Pro (2021)16? MacBook Pro (2021)
Screen size16 inches13.3 inches14.2 inches16.2 inches
ColorsSilver or Space GraySilver or Space GraySilver or Space GraySilver or Space Gray

Battery charge and life

In terms of battery life, there are not too many changes , being quite solid in all models. And it is that despite the increase in performance and the improved screen of the new models, the battery life seems not to have been too affected. Where there is the difference and great comparison between the new MacBook and those of last year is the fast charge, which allows charging 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes .

16? MacBook Pro Intel (2019)13? MacBook Pro (2020)14? MacBook Pro (2021)16? MacBook Pro (2021)
Duration11 hours20 hours17 hours21 hours
Power adapter96W USB-C61W USB-C67W or 96W USB-C + MagSafe140W USB-C + MagSafe
battery capacity100Wh58.2Wh70Wh100Wh
Fast chargeDo notDo notYesYes


The last comparison we can make between the new and previous MacBook Pros is in price. And it is an important comparison, not for less we are talking about Apple’s high-end laptops and the most expensive among all laptops on the market.

The great dilemma when buying a MacBook Pro is that, for better or worse, we can customize them to our liking (at a fairly high incremental cost). This is especially noticeable in the new models, where in addition to choosing the RAM and storage, we can choose the power cores. This is the official price list of the models in the comparison.

  • 16? MacBook Pro Intel (2019): from €1,999 (Discontinued)
  • 13? MacBook Pro (2020): €1,449.00
  • 14? MacBook Pro (2021): €2,249.00
  • 16? MacBook Pro (2021): €2,749.00

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