Despite the pandemic and the accommodation industry remains dynamic

Despite the pandemic

Despite the pandemic

Despite the situation of economic crisis that the world is experiencing, the volume of hotel transactions in Europe reached 5.7 billion in the first half of the year according to the Marketbeat Europe Hospitality report presented by Cushman & Wakefield.

  • Within the European results, Spain appears as one of the few countries on the continent with a positive evolution compared to the first half of 2019. Of all the operations, there were several that took place after the outbreak of the pandemic, worth 1.2 billion euros. euros. This would show that the value of hotel assets is holding, with minimal adjustments for now.
  • Examples of key transactions, with the final price agreed post-Covid-19, are the acquisition of the 136-room Ritz London by an investor from Qatar, as well as the purchase of the 304-room Nhow hotel in Berlin by Eastern Property Holdings.
  • Spain ranks third in Europe in global figures, and was one of the few countries that registered a growth in investment volume, 52% more. This is attributable to the acquisition of the Madrid Edition hotel for 220 million euros.
  • For its part, the great competitor of traditional hospitality, Airbnb, continues with its plans to go public. Unlike traditional hotel groups, Airbnb has less fixed and staff costs and this makes its business “lighter” in the face of the crisis. In addition, its sales forecasts are improving and the offer of accommodation in the first ten tourist destinations where the firm operates has not been significantly reduced.
  • Finally, highlight the movements of the great international chain of French origin Accor . The company has been involved in a major restructuring, with the aim of reinforcing its international expansion and, who knows, perhaps to better prepare for a possible merger with IHG, as different specialized media have echoed.

In summary, we see how, despite the current situation in the tourism sector and the severe impact for business areas such as corporate travel or events, the accommodation industry is still alive and dynamic. The recovery of overnight stays in China is also encouraging and exciting.

It is for all this that now, more than ever, is the time to invest in specialized training in the direction and management of accommodation businesses. 

The Universidad Europea Online has a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management and Management . An official master’s degree on this subject, in a 100% online mode, with active professionals such as teachers and whose development incorporates such relevant aspects as sustainability, revenue management or food and beverage management.

As is logical, in debates and complementary readings, the mechanisms for adapting the industry to health and safety requirements will be seen, but from a positive and optimistic perspective. Not for nothing all market studies suggest that there is a significant latent demand from people who want to travel around the world once restrictions are removed and safe protection mechanisms are in place.

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