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Naming your little one would be exciting yet it could turn out to be a difficult task for one. There are many choices and many lists of names available on the internet you can choose the suitable one for your little one. The name you will choose for your baby will remain with him/her for the rest of their life. Also, it will make the relation more strong with your little one. New parents often get confuse what to name their little one as they have got so many options to choose from. Some of them choose one or more of the following inspiration to decide the name for their little one.

  • One of your family member name or namesake.
  • Maiden name of grandmother or mother
  • A name for its special meaning.
  • Religious or Biblical name.
  • Trendy or famous name.
  • Weird or unique name.
  • A name that could be shortened into a nickname.

While you are choosing a name for your little one it is important to look for the meaning of the name and its popularity too. Also, we have a list of popular names with their meaning and origin. The list has 20 popular names for boys and girls for the year 2020. The list is based upon the popularity of the name according to the Social Security Administration.

Popular names for Boys

  • Jacob is a Biblical name and it means taking the place of another or one who follows on another’s heels. The name was given to one of the twins to Rebekah and Isaac. Also, there may be a difference in the spelling but the name remains the name like Jacob or Jakob.
  • Mason is a name that was derived from an English surname. The name was the surname of brick mason or stoneworker. In the dictionary, the word Mason stands for the person who is well skilled in building with stone. The spelling may differ and could be spelled as Mayson.
  • William is a German originated name it was derived from the name Willhelm. The word will means desire and helm means protection or helmet.
  • Jayden is a common name in the United States it got popular in 1990. The name is derived from Hebrew word Jadon which means thankful. The spelling could differ as Jaydon, Jaiden, Jadyn, Jaden, or Jadon.
  • Noah is another Biblical name and it is derived from the Hebrew word which means comfort or rest.
  • Michael is a Biblical name too. Also, it comes from the Hebrew name known as Mikhael which means who is like God. The spelling could differ as Micheal.
  • Ethan is too Biblical name and it is Hebrew name which means enduring and solid.
  • Alexander has a Greek origin. It comes from the name Alexandros which means defender of men.
  • Aiden is Ireland’s name which got popular in the 7th century. It means little fire. It can be spell as Ayden, Aden, or Aydan.
  • Daniel is a Biblical name it is derived from Hebrew name Daniyyel which means the Lord is my judge or God is my judge.


Popular names for Girls

  • Sophia is a Greek word it means wise or wisdom. It can be spell as Sofia.
  • Isabella is a combination of 2 names including Isabel and Elizabeth. It means devoted to God. It can be spell as Isabela.
  • Emma is a German originated name which comes from ermen. It means universal or whole.
  • Olivia is a Latin originated name which comes from Oliva. It means olive. Also, the male version of this name is Oliver. The name can be spell as Olyvia.
  • Ava is a name that was varied from the name Eve. The name can be spell as Eva.
  • Emily is a Latin name based derived from the word Aemilia. It means emulating or rival. Other meanings could include an eager, flatter, or charming. It has been the most popular name in the year 1996-2007. The name can be spell as Emilie or Emile.
  • Abigail is a Biblical name. It means my father is joy or father is rejoicing. It can be spell as Abigale or Abigayle.
  • Madison is an English surname derived name. It means son of the mighty warrior or son of Maud. It is a unisex name and it can be spell as Madyson, Madisyn, or Maddison.
  • Mia could be the nickname of the name Maria including many different languages Swedish, Italian, or Danish. It means mine, wish for a child, or bitter.
  • Chloe is a Greek origin name. It means a young green shoot. It can be spell as Khloe.

The names mentioned above are popular and they are the famous names of the generations back. Also, the names have strong origins as well as meanings from various cultures and languages. Moreover, you can consider A girl names Italian if you are looking for beautiful unique names.