Instructions for e-visa application for India | Know More

Instructions for e-visa application for India | Know More

Since there is little pleasure in submitting documents to the Embassy through the Indian Visa Application Center, and applications change regularly without notice, we will focus on the easiest and most reliable way to obtain a visa for India – electronic visa.

But there is also a fly: for a calendar year, an e-visa can be requested no more than 2 times .

The e-visa application is completed on the website:

E-visa rules for India

An “E” visa can be issued for travel for tourism, medical or short-term business visits. Know more about Podgorica.

The application must be submitted at least 4 days before the trip (the system will not skip the questionnaire with an earlier departure date). An entrance hall for 120 days is planned .

Example: If you complete the September 1 questionnaire, then the first entry into India will be possible from September 5 in the period up to January 2.

Upon entering India, border guards will check the e-Visa and stamp the passport with the length of stay and the number of entries allowed. As a rule, a visa is issued for 60 days. Tourist and business visas can be double and medical visas triple. Visa extension is not provided.

IMPORTANT: Re-entry into India is possible during the validity of the specified visa in the passport and not in the electronic entry permit!

Entry with e-visa possible through:

  • 25 airports in India: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagruchirapaldruvan, Trip Vishakhapatnam;
  • 3 seaports: Cochin, Goa, Mangalore.

What documents are required for an e-visa for India?

To apply for a visa you will need a passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry into India. The passport must contain at least 2 blank pages for entry / exit stamps.

Important: Each applicant must have their own passport. Children registered in the parents’ passport cannot apply for an e-visa.

After completing the questionnaire, you will need to upload a photo and a scanned passport to the app. For a business visa, you will additionally need a scanned business card, and for a medical visa, an appropriate invitation from an Indian medical office. institutions.

E-Visa Photo Requirements for India:

  • square, color photograph;
  • in JPEG format;
  • size from 10 Kb to 1 Mb;
  • the background of the photograph must be white;
  • the photograph must not contain accents or shadows;
  • The photo must have been taken no more than 6 months ago (the photo must be up to date!).

Requirements for other documents: Scanned documents must be uploaded in PDF format. The size of one file must not exceed 300 Kb. Scanned documents must be in color and of good quality.

Instructions for e-visa application for India

At, go to the E-Visa Application section .

Step 1. Register the questionnaire. Please provide information below:

  • Passport type – select the passport type from the drop-down list – Ordinary passport;
  • Nationality – citizenship;
  • port of arrival – point of entry into India;
  • Arrival Date – Arrival Date;
  • Date of birth – Date of birth;
  • Email ID – e-mail address (all notifications on the status of the application review and the e-visa itself will be sent to this address);
  • Re-enter email ID – repeat email address;
  • Visa Service – select a visa category: Tourist / Medical / Business.

We tick the box to confirm that we have read the electronic visa instructions and documents that will be required to apply online.

Continue filling out the questionnaire, click “Continue” .

Step 2 We fill in the questionnaire.

Each questionnaire has a unique number. We recommend that you write it down separately – this number will be needed to re-enter the questionnaire if necessary. The number will change each time you enter the questionnaire until the information is confirmed and payment is made. After payment, the questionnaire is assigned a final registration number, which will be able to monitor the status of the visa application.

“Applicant Information” Section

  • Enter the last name ( Last name ) and First name ( given name ) according to the spelling in the passport. Middle name not required. Typing errors are not allowed. If an error is found, a new form will be required.
  • Have you ever changed your name? Have you ever changed your name? – Check the box, if applicable, and provide information on the previous name or surname (for example, maiden name).
  • Gender / Gender – Select an option from the drop-down list: Male – Male / Female – Female.
  • Date of birth / Date of birth – Specify the date of birth.
  • Place / city of birth / City of birth – Data are provided in accordance with the international passport
  • Country of birth / Country of birth – Select the current name of the country of birth from the drop-down list (the “USSR” option is not available, so you need to select the name of the country you currently have – for example: “Russian Federation” or “Kazakhstan”).
  • Citizenship / Id no / National ID card number – Indicate the internal passport number of the Russian Federation. If a questionnaire is filled out for a child who does not yet have an internal passport, we put “NA”.
  • religion / Religion – select one of the suggested options from the drop-down list. If you have selected “Others”, then in the window that appears you must specify which religion you profess.
  • Visible identifiers / Visible distinguishing marks – Existing visible markings should be listed in this section. For example, tattoos, moles, etc. If there are no signs, mark “NA”.
  • Educational qualification / education – select the type of education from the drop-down list. The options are in English. Here you can understand for a long time what they meant, so below we give an explanation:

BELOW MATRICULATION – less than 10 grades in school;
GRADUATES – higher education / bachelor;
HIGHER SECONDARY – high school;
ILLITERATE – no education (at all);
MATRICULATION – 10 classes of study;
POSTGRADUATE – master’s degree, postgraduate study, doctorate;
PROFESSIONAL – professional education.

  • Nationality / Citizenship – citizenship is automatically extracted from the data we provided during registration.
  • Did you acquire citizenship by birth or naturalization? / You acquired citizenship by birth or acquired by naturalization – Choose the appropriate answer: ” By birth ” – “By birth” or “By naturalization -” Acquired citizenship “. If you previously had another citizenship, select it from the list.
  • Have you lived for at least two years in the country where you are applying for a visa? Have you lived for the last 2 years in the country where you are applying for a visa? – Check the desired option ” Yes ” / ” No ” – “Not really”.

Passport Information Section

  • Passport number. Passport number – Specify the passport number without space (example: 711234567).
  • Place of issue / Place of issue – Indicate the authority that issued the document.
  • Date of issue / Date of issue of the passport – specified in the format dd / mm / yyyy.
  • expiration date / Passport expiration date – in dd / mm / yyyy format.
  • Any other valid passport / identity certificate (IC). / If you have another valid passport or another international ID card – Select the option: No (no) or Yes (Yes). In case of a positive answer, you will have to provide the details of the second passport:
  • Country of issue / Country of issue of the second passport.
  • Passport / IC no . / Number – enter the number.
  • Date of issue / Date of issue.
  • Place of issue / Place of issue.
  • Nationality described in it / Your nationality (citizenship) stated in this document.

To continue applying for a visa for India, click the ” Save and Continue / Save and Continue” button.

Section “Contact information (Address information)”

Provide the address of actual residence “Current address” .

  • House No. / Street / Street and house number – In this field, specify the street, house number, building and apartment number.
  • Village / City / City / City or other locality – In our case we mean “MOSCOW”.
  • Country / Country – Select “RUSSIAN FEDERATION” from the drop-down list.
  • Country / Province / District / Region, Region. – In our case, we again mean “MOSCOW”. For regional applicants, indicate the area, for example, SAMARA REGION.
  • Postal code / Postal code.
  • phone number . / Phone number – Enter the contact phone number without spaces and extra characters in the format 749512345678. This can be a home or work number.
  • Cell phone number . / Phone number.
  • Email Address / Email Address – This field must already be filled in and cannot be corrected. The e-mail address was duplicated from the data provided during the registration of the questionnaire.

Then you must specify a permanent address (address after registration). If the permanent and actual addresses are the same, just check the box “Click here for the same address – click if the address is the same.” If the permanent address is different, please provide details.

Family details section

Provide information about the parents: Father’s details / information about the father and mother’s details / information about the mother.

  • Name / Surname First name Middle name – enter full name with middle name.
  • Nationality / Citizenship – select the appropriate option from the drop-down list,
  • Previous citizenship / Previous citizenship – This item cannot be filled in if the citizenship has not changed.
  • Place of birth / Place of birth – It is allowed to specify the city of birth or region.
  • Country of birth / Country of birth – Select the country of birth from the drop-down list, remember that the USSR is not on the list – you must specify the current country for today. In our case, the “RUSSIAN FEDERATION”.
  • Applicant Marital Status / Marital Status – From the drop-down list, select one of the options: “Happy” if you are married and “Single” if you are not. If you are married, you will need to enter information about your spouse. You will need the same information as for the parents.
  • Were your parents / grandparents (paternal / maternal) Pakistani nationals or belonged to Pakistan under the control of the territory / Did your parents / grandparents have Pakistani citizenship or resided in Pakistan? – Mark the correct answer: Yes »/“ No ”-“ Not really. ”If yes, comments will be required.

Section “Candidate’s profession / occupation details”

You will need to provide information about your work in this section. For unemployed applicants, instead of the employer’s information, the contacts of the sponsor – spouse or parents should be provided.

  • Current occupation / Employment at the moment – From the drop-down list you need to choose the most suitable option for your employment or occupation. The list of options is limited, but you can select the option ” Other -” Other “and specify your option in the field that appears.
  • Employee name / Job / Employer company name.
  • Mark / Position – Define the position to be occupied. This field must be filled in without error.
  • Address – Enter the full address of the employer.
  • telephone / Telephone.
  • Last occupation, if any / Previous type of employment – If desired, provide details of your previous employment (if applicable). This field must be filled in without error.
  • Have you been in the military / paramilitary / police / security service? organization? / Are you currently or have previously been employed by a military / police or security organization? – Mark the appropriate answer: Yes »/“ No ”-“ Not really. ”In case of a positive answer, you will have to give comments: state the type of organization, position, place of service.

“Required visa details” section

  • Type of visa – We have already stated the type of visa required at the beginning of the questionnaire. It is not possible to change the type of visa required at this stage of completing the questionnaire.
  • Places you are likely to visit / Places you plan to visit – Separate with commas, enter the cities you want to visit.
  • Visa Duration / Visa Validity – Visas are generally issued for 60 days. The actual permitted period of stay is finally determined by the border guard at the time of entry.
  • No Entry / Visa Multiple Entry – Tourist and business visas can be double and medical visas triple. Visa extension is not provided.
  • Port of Arrival / Port of Arrival – Entry into India with e-visa is possible through 25 airports and 3 seaports. We have already selected the planned port of arrival when registering the questionnaire. It is not possible to change the place of arrival at this charging stage.
  • Expected port of departure from India / Port of departure / departure from India – This item may be left blank, but if you already know from which airport you intend to leave India at the end of the trip, we recommend that you enter this information.

Section “Previous visa / current visa (previous visa / currently valid visa details)”

  • Have you ever visited India before / Have you ever visited India? – Mark the correct answer: Yes »/“ No ”-“ Not really. ”If you have already been to India, you will need to provide the information below.
  • Address / Address – Enter the address of residence during the last visit to India.
  • Cities previously visited in India / Cities you last visited.
  • Last Indian Visa No. / Currently Valid Indian Visa No. / Previous / current Indian visa number.
  • Type of visa / Type of visa in question.
  • Place of issue / Place of issue of visa.
  • Date of issue / Date of issue of the visa.
  • Has you previously been denied permission to visit or extend your stay in India / Have you been denied an Indian visa / denied entry or extended stay? If the answer is yes, an explanation should be given.
  • Countries visited in the last 10 years / Countries you have visited in the last 10 years – Provide a list of countries separated by commas.
  • Have you visited SAARC counties (other than your own country) in the last 3 years? Have you visited the countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) in the last 3 years? – If applicable, country, year and number of visits will be required.

“Contacts (Reference)” section

In this section you must provide contact details in India and in your home country that can be contacted in an emergency.

In the paragraph ” Reference in India / Contact information in India” for tourist travel, it is possible to specify the hotel, for business travel, information about the contact person in the calling company.

In the paragraph ” Reference name in Russia / Contact information in Russia” should provide information about a close relative: one of the parents, spouse, etc.

Step 3 We transfer electronic copies of documents.

Upload a photo via email. We remind you of file requests:

  • the photograph must be square;
  • in JPEG format;
  • file size must be at least 10 KB and no larger than 1 MB;
  • Minimum expansion 350 x 350 pixels;
  • the background of the photo is white and uniform.

This photo will be used on the e-visa. The photo must be new and match the current appearance of the visa holder.

  • document in PDF format;
  • File size 10-300 Kb;
  • color scanning.

Step 4 Payment

The questionnaire can be paid by card. Payment can be made immediately after completion or later (you will need to enter the questionnaire number, otherwise you will have to re-fill).

Step 5 Obtaining an e-visa for India

Notice of completion of the review of documents will be sent to the e-mail address provided during registration. You must pick up the finished visa, print it out, take it with you on the trip and present it upon arrival in India.

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