Kettlebell Shoulder Workout – Willing to know more?

Kettlebell Shoulder Workout

Kettlebell Shoulder Workout


In today’s training we focus on the shoulders and upper back. Each exercise is focused on a different muscle, specifically trying to isolate the movement to better target the exercise.

  • The work mode will be 4 complete series, performing 12 repetitions per exercise. The ideal is to increase the load at the end of each series, being the first warm-up.
  • We will rest 2 min at the end of each complete series.

Tip: For most exercises, keep your lower back stable, without rocking. How can we achieve this? Very easy, open your legs at shoulder height and slightly bend your knees to focus the effort on the area to be worked on.

To achieve a visible progression, it is advisable to repeat the training routine twice a week. It is advisable to stretch the deltoids and lower back at the end of the session. (See stretching videos on YouTube channel).

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