Know more about routine with ankle braces for buttocks

ankle braces for buttocks

ankle braces for buttocks


A perfect combination to tone the buttocks from home in a different way without the need to have a particular mega gym, only a weighted ankle brace.

In today’s workout, we will focus on the gluteus medius and maximus.

The help of ankle braces is undoubtedly one of the most complete and simple ways to do it from home.

Zero excuses not to train, if you don’t have an ankle brace at home, nothing happens, you can perform the same exercises without it.

The way of working will be 4 complete series, and instead of doing the exercises with repetitions, we will do it with time intervals (Tábata). Depending on your level, it will be as follows:

  • Started: 20 ”of exercise / 20” of rest.
  • Medium: 30 ”of exercise / 15” of rest.
  • Advanced: 40 ”of exercise / 10” of rest.

We will rest 1 min at the end of each complete series.

To achieve a visible progression, it is advisable to repeat the training routine twice a week.

It is advisable to stretch the lower body at the end of the session.

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