Meaning of name Nagor and you want to know what it means

Meaning of name Nagor

Do you want to know what the name Nagore means? If you already know that you are having a girl or Nagore is your first name and you want to know what it means, in this article you will have all the information you are looking for. Nagore has a very beautiful meaning, since its etymological translation is “the goddess of vegetation” or “nature”. It is a name of Basque origin that evokes vitality, joy and dynamism. In this article, you will see the meaning of the name Nagore , its Saints, personality and famous women who are called that way. We know that when you know all its details you will not resist the charm of this name that is becoming more and more popular. Nagore is a girl’s name .

What does Nagore mean?

Nagore means ” the goddess of vegetation ” or ” the goddess of nature “. It is a name that has recently been used very strongly in the Spanish provinces of Navarra. Although it is quite rare, it is still very beautiful, as it describes a brave, intelligent and optimistic woman.

Origin of the name Nagor

The name Nagore is of Basque origin , and specifically comes from the Arce Valley in Navarra. It has a well-known variant that is Nayara. The name of Nagore is also an invocation to the name of the Virgin Mary of Nájera in Spain.

Diminutives and variations of the name Nagore

Nagore’s name has the following diminutives:

  • Nago
  • gore
  • Nagi
  • nayera
  • naira
  • Najera
  • nayara

The name Nagore in other languages

Being a relatively new name, in most Nagore languages ??it has no translation. However, in some languages ??it is written as follows:

  • Chinese : ???
  • Japanese :???
  • Arabic : ?????
  • Hebrew : ????
  • Greek : ??????
  • Russian : ??????

Personality of the name Nagore

Nagore is characterized by having a dominant and overwhelming personality that can intimidate anyone, but deep down she is a kind, selfless and affectionate woman . She is very confident and determined in the way she acts. Sometimes she can pass for a rude woman, but when she manages to gain confidence, she shows herself as she is: loving and compassionate.

In the workplace, his dynamism makes the difference. He is helpful to his co-workers. In fact, she likes to talk a lot and stay active at all times, which gives her a very special quality. Nagore is communicative and outgoing . This makes her adapt very well to teamwork and is highly sought after by her co-workers to request her help. In addition, she is very persistent, since when she sets a goal she will not rest until she achieves excellent results.

In love Nagore is very stable. He knows how to manage his emotions very well and is not satisfied with temporary or informal relationships. When she finally finds her ideal partner, she gives her heart and does it with all her strength, always expecting the same reciprocity of affection and affection. She is a faithful woman and a good companion who will always be by her partner’s side in the most difficult moments. It will be interesting to know more about Samiel Name Meaning and What Does It Means.

In the family, Nagore values ??and cares for all the members around him. She is always on the lookout for each one of them. For this reason, everyone sees in her a great support and a source of understanding and wise advice. With her friends, she is a spontaneous and sincere companion , which makes her highly appreciated in all circles of friends. Nagore has a fighting, determined and brave character, but she will never lose the sweetness that characterizes her.

Celebrities with the name Nagore

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Nagore are:

  • Nagore Aranburu: famous Spanish film and television actress born in Azpeitia, Spain.
  • Nagore Robles: presenter and commentator on Spanish television, born in Basauri , Spain.
  • Nagore Gabellanes Marieta: former Spanish field hockey player, champion in the 1992 Olympics.

Saint of Nagore’s Day

Nagore’s name day is celebrated on October 3 of each year, along with the day of the Virgin of Nájera of the autonomous community of La Rioja, Spain.

Numerology Of The Name Nagore

For numerology, the name of Nagore is identified with the number 6 , which is associated with a charitable, generous and highly responsible personality, although sometimes people related to the number 6 may suffer from panic and anxiety.

Popularity of the first name Nagor

Nagore is a Basque name originating from Navarra. In this province it has become a very popular name, which today has already transcended borders, being used inside and outside of Spain. According to the most recent data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are some 6,470 women with the name of Nagore. Their average age is about 25 years old.

In the attached map, you can see that the communities in which Nagore is most popular are the following:

  • Burgos
  • Navarre
  • Arabian
  • Guipuzcoa
  • Biscay

This beautiful name for women is increasingly used in other countries such as France and Italy.

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