Mercedes B-Class 2022, the compact luxury minivan with dream interiors

Mercedes B-Class 2022, the compact luxury minivan with dream interiors

The Mercedes B-Class is a minivan manufactured by Mercedes-Benz since 2005. The third generation is currently marketed, presented in 2018 with some tweaks for 2022.

The Mercedes B-Class is fundamentally characterized by belonging to the most compact range of the brand, being comfortable and easy to drive and really practical for users who need a spacious car with a remarkable load capacity, but who do not want to get out of his taste for “Premium” brands. Know more about detomaso ne shitje.

There are currently few medium- sized minivans on offer on the market, due to the unstoppable trend of SUVs that have been supplying this type of car, although the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is the clear and direct rival of the Mercedes B-Class.

Highly identifiable exterior design

The dimensions of the Mercedes B-Class are consistent with those that the various compact minivans in its segment had been showing, and in principle, they do not vary with respect to its last generation, yes, with a fairly high trunk capacity that ranges from 445 liters in its trunk up to 1,530 liters by folding down the rear bench completely, despite having settled on the same platform as the Mercedes A-Class.

Mercedes B-Class 2022Length mAnchura mHeight mBatalla mtrunk liters
4,4191,7961,5622,729445 – 1.530

The Mercedes B-Class is still a tall, wide and spacious car due to its own configuration and design as a minivan, with smooth and very fluid lines, with some sporty touches.

Its front is expressed with a stylish grille that is framed by elongated headlights that optionally have the “Multibeam-LED” technology already known from the brand’s high ranges.

The rear is expressed with LED headlights and a bumper that incorporates the characteristic moldings that Mercedes uses today in almost all its designs.

The offer has 5 levels of equipment or finishes , all of them well known in the rest of the brand’s ranges (Standard, Style, Progressive, AMG Line and Night).

Range of propellers available

The mechanical offer of the model is very wide with gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid engines.

  • Gasoline, 1.3-litre engine that comes in two power levels, both of which can be associated with a manual or automatic gearbox:
    • B180 con 136 CV
    • B200 con 163 CV
  • Diesel l, 2.0 engine and three power levels, 7 or 8 ratio automatic transmission and front-wheel drive:
    • B180d con 116 CV
    • B200d con 150 CV
    • B220d with 190 hp, being the only engine that offers 4-wheel drive
  • Plug-in hybrid, with the name B250e, combining a gasoline engine (that of the B200 with 163 hp) with variations in the exhaust system, with another 102 hp permanent magnet electric motor, to achieve a total combined power of 218 hp with 450 Nm of maximum engine torque .

It is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 15.6 kW/h , capable of providing a 100% electric autonomy of 61 to 70 km depending on the equipment, which is located on the rear axle so as not to lose any habitability. compared to its internal combustion brothers (445 liters).

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A spectacular interior according to the current level of Mercedes

When you open the door of the Mercedes B-Class, the first sensation you get is its similarity to the A-Class cabin, although as it is a 5-seater minivan it is much more spacious and practical when analyzed in detail.

Its second row of seats is sliding and has adjustable backrests , which provides extra comfort for the rear occupants.

The dashboard is very striking, which stands out for the high-quality materials with which it has been designed, as well as the modernity and technological image it conveys, also due to the high-level equipment on display.

The instrument panel can be (depending on finish and version) 7 or 10.25 inches, and the central screen is equipped with the MBUX system, specific to Mercedes.

dynamic behavior

As we have been saying, the Mercedes B-Class will give perfect satisfaction to users looking for a car that is easy to drive and very spacious.

It has very good visibility, with a well-insulated cabin with little noise and remarkably efficient engines, offering a correct balance between agility and comfort, and a dynamism that is higher than the average in its market segment, thanks also to its adjusted suspension that filters the imperfections of the surface with great efficiency, providing a truly unexpected agility.

In terms of prices, the Mercedes B-Class presents a very varied offer according to engine, versions, variants and finishes, and currently ranges between €33,173 and €45,370 in its plug-in hybrid configuration.

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