New apps for 2020: the most innovative trends & Virtual reality

New apps for 2020: the most innovative trends & Virtual reality

Virtual reality, Internet of things, 5G… Where are the Apps of the future going? We uncover the current tech trends in 2020 so you know what to look for in your App Store.

Have your own fridge make your shopping list for you? Receive instant offers when you go through a store? Try a piece of furniture in your living room before buying it? All this is a reality (or almost) and you just have to be attentive to the new trends in the development of Apps for this 2020 to realize . Did you have no idea that you could do all this with your mobile? Sit back, grab some popcorn, and open the App Store, because this is almost going to be like going back to the future. Know more about cracked screen repair near me in United States.

1. Internet of things everywhere

“Hey Siri activate the alarm at…. Alexa I want to see chapter 3 of the sixth season of….. Ok Google turn on all the lights of….» If any of these phrases are familiar to you, you will agree with us that the Internet of Things is one of the most important trends among apps in 2020.

And it is that voice assistants have come to prevent us from getting up from the sofa, taking control of practically all the devices in our house to which they can be connected: light bulbs, doors, alarms, coffee maker or washing machine. If something is connected to wifi, you can control it! In fact, at this point, the applications are not as important as the devices we buy can connect to them. Do you want your broken screen repaired by professional ifixit stores in USA.

Brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Philips already manufacture practically all their products with IOT standards to be able to be controlled through their own applications or with compatibility with voice commands through Siri, Google or Alexa.

2. Apps for foldable smartphones

We have already seen how the first folding smartphones are beginning to be marketed (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Huawei Mate X, Xiaomi Mi Fold) and, despite the fact that this new technology has followers and detractors in equal parts, we can venture to say that they will exist apps that in the near future seek to squeeze their potential.

But even if we have folding phones, what app trends can we expect? We don’t know for sure, but everything points to the development of Apps capable of adapting to the different positions of the screen (folded and unfolded) and providing us with even more features than they currently have. From reading and replying to messages without even unfolding the phone to even having a split view of the content . Will we be able to watch Netflix while looking at Instagram at the same time? We are also looking forward to knowing.

3. The arrival of 5G for super-fast Internet

5G is almost a reality and although it is not yet everywhere, we can see a trend in the apps of different streaming companies that want that extra speed on our smartphones.

Yes, from Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime with its series, to Google Stadia and G Force Now with video games in the cloud, the trend of apps for 2020 is to make the most of the speed and low latency of the 5G Internet on our phones to break the barrier of the unimaginable. Imagine watching a 4K movie on your mobile while waiting for the bus or playing an AAA video game with incredible graphics while having a coffee, amazing right?

Can’t you wait for this? We understand you, that’s why we tell you everything about 5G mobiles and we recommend some models that you can already buy (or almost).

4. Beacon technology and its dangers

If you are afraid to say something out loud and that Facebook, Google or almost any application will show you related advertising, the new App trends for 2020 will make you not want to go out (or quite the opposite).

Imagine that you are walking through a shopping center, and the phone notifies you of an offer , right in the store next to you there is a 2×1 offer! or the TV you searched for on the internet yesterday is on sale right here! If you are a lover of shopping and offers, you may like this, but isn’t that going a bit too far with privacy? Leave us your opinion in the comments.

This is precisely the bet of the “Beacons” or beacons technology, a trend that the apps of 2020 will not hesitate to take advantage of, which is based on connecting stores with nearby phones through bluetooth, gps or Internet, to notify us about special offers and promotions. This will mean a revolution in proximity marketing (offers in specific places and times, or highly exclusive) but it may even force us to take the phone in airplane mode in some cases.

5. Almost all stores will have their own App

From the large clothing stores to the neighborhood hairdresser, it seems that you can almost buy or do everything without going through Google, directly from its own Apps. Although a few years ago it was unthinkable to buy something through the mobile (it was best to do it from the computer), integrated purchases in applications such as those of Amazon, Zara or Just-Eat have accustomed us to rely more on Apps than on their web versions.

Just look at how apps like Booksy (which allows you to book appointments at many local businesses) or Too Good To Go (which prevents small businesses from wasting food) have brought small businesses in your neighborhood closer to your smartphone . And it is that the ease and comfort that Apps offer us makes this one of the strongest trends for 2020. Gone are the times when we had to count how many Apps fit on the phone, now we group them in folders and folders because we don’t we know where to put them.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning made their way into the development of new mobile applications years ago, but it is only now that we are beginning to scratch the surface of the infinite possibilities that this offers us . Can’t think of any that you’re already using? We tell you about some Apps that have been a trend in 2020 that are already making use of it.

If you were one of those who decided to change your face with FaceApp or Snapchat, know that the image detection and transformation technology is done with artificial intelligence. Or if you are one of those who hates autocorrect, perhaps Swiftkey will be your salvation, since it learns from your mistakes and most typical expressions to help you write better and faster. Other great examples are ELSA Speak and its speech recognition system that helps you pronounce better, or the Prisma photo editor that, with the advanced use of image recognition, will achieve a professional finish in our photos .thanks to a wide variety of filters.

7. Augmented Reality (AR)

The Pokemon Go thing was already a full-fledged almost global revolution, but the current App trends for 2020 in terms of augmented reality are not short. More and more we see its applications in all kinds of areas, from games to educational content and even, as a step before buying from a t-shirt to a wardrobe.

To give you some disparate as well as current examples, L’Oreal Paris uses augmented reality for its Style My Hair application, with which to change hair color (although with still improvable results) Another case is that of Google Maps with its “Live View” function, with which users can see real-time turn-by-turn directions on real-world images (ideal for those who get lost easily).

 8. Chatbots

You may have had a conversation with a robot and not even realized it. And no, we are not referring to telephone answering machines, but to customer service chats that we can find on many websites and applications.

Assisted by different AI technologies, such as the recognition of the message that we advance to you, Chatbots are capable of recognizing words, expressions and specific situations to interact with us (in most cases). In fact, this is one of the trends from which some of the most incredible apps are emerging in 2020 (most of them in English), such as HellowFresh that chats with us and recommends recipes or even WoeBot, the chatbot that will help us in our saddest moments.

9. More security and fewer logs

The dangers of cybercrime surround us, whether it is large companies or ordinary people, no one is safe. More and more we see vulnerabilities, information theft or even fraudulent Apps, which does not make us think about anything other than, do I really want to install this application? Why do I have to create an account with my email and a password?

Being aware of this, application developers are increasingly betting on implementing functions such as login through the ID of third-party accounts such as Apple, Facebook or Google. This is one of those trends in apps that will grow in 2020 and throughout the years to come, however, it does not leave us worry-free either (yes, we are starting in a more secure way, but… what about the rest of the data? ….).

10. Predictive analytics and hyper-personalization

It is widely known that, when something is free, the product is us and more specifically our data when it comes to Apps. This is nothing more than the inevitable cost of developing technologies for machine learning, artificial intelligence and even predictive analysis that we will talk about next.

Isn’t it wonderful that Netflix or Spotify recommend us content according to our tastes? Maybe yes, but can you imagine taking this to the next level? The trends of the Apps for this 2020 and in the future go through an exclusive customization for each user: a different button layout depending on the use, a more or less bright color palette, much more precise notifications… The objective is that each App is unique for each one of us, although there is still a little left for this.

Since we know what all the trends of the different Apps are for this 2020 and for the next few years, can you think of any more applications of any of the technologies that we have mentioned? essential? Leave your comment and we will answer you!

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