Professional opportunities in Oral Hygiene

opportunities in Oral Hygiene

opportunities in Oral Hygiene

Training in the health field is a safe bet since it is one of the sectors that generates the most jobs, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Labor. Dentists, hygienists and dental technicians are some of the most in-demand professional figures on the job market . To work in the dental sector you do not need a university degree, you can train as an oral hygienist by completing a Higher Degree .


The oral hygiene is proper care of the teeth, gums and oral cavity in general to promote health and prevent disease. The dental hygienist is a health professional who works in the prevention of oral diseases by promoting oral hygiene. He works closely with the dentist, mainly in charge of performing preventive and reversible dental operations.


As an oral hygienist you will become the right arm of the dentist, helping him with the daily tasks of the consultation. You can take care of oral cleanings, curettage, seal fissures, apply topical fluorides, remove dental stones and stains, or polish fillings.

You should also provide psychological support to patients to facilitate dental treatment . You will also be in charge of obtaining their oral data through inspection and exploration, as well as applying dental X-rays and radiological techniques, sterilizing the instruments used and disinfecting the consultation after each patient’s visit.

The dental hygienist’s job can also involve administrative tasks, such as managing the clinic’s patient files to provide optimal care. Within your functions is also optimizing resources managing the acquisition, replacement and storage of materials. Therefore, you will have to ensure the operability of the facilities, as well as the correct functioning of the equipment in the dental clinic.


When you finish studying a FP in Oral Hygiene you will be able to join the health sector, whether public or private, in the area of ??health care and promotion of oral health. You will work alongside a team of dentists, orthodontists and other healthcare professionals in primary care centers and oral health clinics or private dental offices.

The Professional Dental Hygiene outputs are not limited to work as an assistant in a dental clinic. You can also focus on oral prevention. You will be able to plan and carry out the necessary actions of the epidemiological monitoring programs, identify the indicators of health / oral disease to carry out epidemiological surveillance activities, as well as apply surveys and record the data of population groups for subsequent statistical treatment.

You can also take charge of promoting the oral health of people in the community by developing different preventive and technical-assistance activities. You can motivate them through oral health education campaigns to practice self-examination and self-care of the mouth and teeth and adopt healthy eating guidelines. You will also be trained to provide oral information to other health and community agents on the etiopathogenesis and prevention of dental diseases.


If you want to work in this sector, you can study our Superior Oral Hygiene Technician in Madrid . You will have access to first-rate practical training adapted to the reality of work with an average of 200 treatments per student. In fact, we have agreements with more than 6,000 companies to offer our students a wide range of internships.

And if you prefer to reconcile your studies with other activities, you can choose the Superior Technician in Blended Oral Hygiene . Both modalities have a high employability : 90% of our oral hygienists find work and the remaining 10% decide to continue their studies.

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