Teaching and Socio-Sports Animation and what is it and what are its professional opportunities?

Teaching and Socio-Sports Animation

Teaching and Socio-Sports Animation

Physical activity and sport are awakening greater interest in society as we are more aware of their importance for our health. For that reason, it is not surprising that one of the most demanded professional qualifications in Spain is precisely the Higher Technician in Education and Socio-Sports Animation , according to the latest Youth Labor Market Report. If you decide to undertake this professional career, you will have multiple job opportunities since you will be able to work the same in the world of sports as in the tourism sector, the educational field or in the area of ??leisure and free time.


The FP in Teaching and Socio-Sports Animation , also known as TSEAS, prepares students to be able to develop, apply and evaluate recreational physical-sports animation projects aimed at all types of people, both individually and in groups. Its graduates are trained to program and / or direct teaching, social-sports inclusion and free time activities , as well as to coordinate the work of other professionals involved in them, guaranteeing the safety of the participants at all times.


Graduates of FP in Education and Socio-Sports Animation can practice their profession in different fields, both in the public sector in councils and general directorates of sport and in the private sector in companies that offer sports teaching services, physical conditioning, socio-sports inclusion and recreation . In general, they can occupy positions of:

  • Physical-sports and recreational entertainer
  • Animator of social sports inclusion activities
  • Coordinator of sports animation activities
  • Physical-sports activities teacher

The Tourism is another sector where demand for professionals Education and Animation Sociodeportiva is growing, creating different jobs throughout the year. In this case, TSEAS graduates will work in the recreational sports area , focusing primarily on the development of leisure activities and active tourism. They can hold positions of:

  • Entertainer of evenings and shows in tourist facilities
  • Entertainer of outdoor recreational activities in tourist facilities
  • Coordinator of physical-sports activities in tourism companies
  • Head of the tourist entertainment department

The professional in social sports entertainment is prepared to work with people and groups of different ages, so they can be in charge of organizing children’s and youth free time , as well as planning invigorating activities for the elderly. Some of the most common positions are:

  • Monitor of physical-sports and recreational activities in camps
  • Coordinator of educational free time for children and young people
  • Coordinator of non-curricular activities in the school setting
  • Coordinator of camps, youth hostels, farm schools and schools in the wild
  • Responsible for educational leisure time projects for children and young people
  • Director of educational leisure time for children and young people
  • Director of camps, youth hostels, farms, schools and schools in the wild
  • Director of non-curricular activities in the school setting

Other professional opportunities of the TSEAS are aimed at sports clubs, federations and associations . A specialist in sports animation can take care of the organization of unofficial competitions, as well as promoting small sporting events for all types of users, serving as:

  • Timekeeper, judge or referee of unofficial sports competitions
  • Promoter of sports and competitions of basic or social level and of small sporting events

In addition, you will be able to work in water rescue in companies that need the lifeguard profile, from gyms to water parks, hotels, public swimming pools or beaches.

If you are passionate about sport and want to develop your professional career in that sector, with our Senior Technician in Social Sports Teaching and Animation Online you can learn to manage, program and develop all kinds of social sports animation projects. This program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, abilities and know more about swimming pool equipment suppliers in Dubai.

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