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Teaching Initiative ArteConfinado

Teaching Initiative ArteConfinado


This book is an example: photos and poems that dialogue with each other and with the reader.

We were confined in March. Everyone to their home and the teachers of the Science, Computing and Technology department, like all the other teachers, to telework and teach from home.

Teaching has been produced with notable success and no little effort, but it has not been the only teaching task that has had to adapt. An important element, socialization between colleagues, conversations commenting on problems or sharing articles and research, often take place in the cafeteria or in similar spaces, closed during this new period.

The WhatsApp group “café para todos”, created in the department as CFC ( call for coffee), has continued to function until the end of the year for that very purpose. Coffee in Teams or talks sharing news or graphs or articles. Virtual place of socialization, a substitute that has fulfilled its function with dignity.

But, in addition, in this group, probably brought about by the new time and the need for virtual approach to classmates, personal facets of many teachers, many female teachers, have been shared. Thus, just as the students saw our classrooms in remote classes (and we saw the classrooms, kitchens, and student rooms), Ana Corrales, a teacher, shared a photo she had taken of her son looking out the window.

Photo that evokes

A life story

a teaching

The impact was immediate: I had to write the poem he suggested to me. And so I did, I wrote it and shared it in the same forum as the photo, the WhatsApp group.

Thus #arteconfinado was born, as a game, as a challenge. Every day, Ana shared a photo of her in the group and I looked for a poem that would dialogue with the image, that would tell a joint story that would help us stay at home, resist and look forward to the future with hope.

Soon, other teachers and professors joined the challenge. Some of them made haikus on Ana’s image. Others composed songs with my verses, or shared photos so that whoever wanted to write a poem … #movimientoConfinado was born that way, which later spread to other WhatsApp groups, with friends of those same teachers, who shared photos, poems, musical compositions, sets of photos of flowers and haikus, art and help so that the spirit could transcend confinement.

And now, #arteConfinado, along with #movimientoConfinado, they want to turn into a book, and it has launched a campaign of crowdfunding , crowdfunding , many poems and images shared between March and May.

A book that pretends to be a reality and a help for this “new reality”. Because what we get as a profit, plus a part of the publisher’s profits, up to 20% of the total turnover, will be donated to two projects that aim to fight the coronavirus and its consequences.

One of them, the project created by two students of the Degree in Telecommunications Systems , Flavio Grillo and Javier Balbás that manages, with Artificial Intelligence techniques, to detect the disease by analyzing lung radiographs.

The other, a research project, led by the authors of this book, which aims to explain the “new normal” to people with intellectual disabilities.

Two projects to unite us more in the fight against the problems of such an unexpected and harsh pandemic.

If you want, you can be part of this movement by supporting the book, acquiring a copy and sharing the direction of the crowdfunding among your acquaintances so that they can support it.

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