The best climbing accessories for beginners

The best climbing accessories for beginners

Do you want to start climbing in nature, but do not know what you will need? We show you the best climbing accessories to start practicing this sport. Helmets, ropes, carabiners, backpacks, shoes… we explain what the best basic climbing accessories are and where to buy them at the best price .

Whether you’re climbing indoors or out in the wild, having the best possible climbing accessories is a must. Because, although there are many and all together they can add up to a lot of money, in climbing your accessories will help you progress quickly. Know more about gift ideas for 18 year old boy.

The best climbing accessories you can buy

There are many types of climbing accessories and that is why we are going to focus on the basic equipment , reviewing the best climbing accessories that you can buy to start practicing this sport in conditions.

climbing helmet

The helmet is probably one of the best climbing accessories that you should spend a good chunk of your budget on . And it is that when you are hanging several meters high, you will want to protect your most precious asset (your brain) in case of an accident. Because the case will not only protect you from falls, but from all the small landslides that may occur above you.

We know there are many climbing enthusiasts who do not wear helmets, either because they complain that they are uncomfortable, hot or heavy. But perhaps it is that they have not found their suitable model. You might be interested in gift ideas for 18 year old girl.

Did you know that at Cash Converters we have different second-hand climbing helmets? Find the model that best suits you and do not pay more for your climbing accessories , just give one of our products a second chance.

Cat feet

Yes, we are still talking about climbing and if you are taking your first steps in the world of climbing, you may not know it, but climbing shoes are also known as “climbing shoes” . Why? We leave that for another day.

What you should know about climbing shoes is that they are another of the best climbing accessories to start practicing this exciting sport. Among its advantages are being very flexible, light and hard , which will not only help you to better support yourself on the climb, but also to avoid cuts or injuries with the stones. So the next time you go climbing, leave your sneakers in your backpack and put on these climbing shoes before you start climbing.

But where can I buy these rare shoes ? At Cash Converters we have several second-hand climbing shoes waiting to be released back into nature.

climbing clothing

Although there are those who are going to climb with jeans and a sweatshirt or in a tracksuit, the reality is that there are many climbing accessories and clothing specifically designed for this sport . There are all types, sizes, brands and colors, so it will not be difficult for you to find the one that best suits you.

Most have very resistant, light fabrics that do not give heat and are easy to clean and maintain . Also, another very common thing is the pockets, straps and hooks to facilitate the climbing process, allowing you to have each carabiner and each rope in its place during the ascent. Know more about 18 bday present ideas.

At Cash Converters we have many second-hand climbing clothes at a very good price and in good condition, so you can fully equip yourself for little money.


Now that you’re fully dressed from top to bottom for the occasion, it’s time to talk about a little more technical climbing accessories. And it is that the climbing rope is a basic element to start climbing both on natural trails and on artificial climbing walls.

But we must not get carried away by how basic a rope may seem, and this is one of the most important climbing accessories in your equipment. It must be of good quality and adjusted to your dimensions so that it can support your weight correctly.

It is recommended that you look for climbing ropes between 9.5 mm or 9.6 mm, which have the advantage of being very light (so they do not weigh you down during the ascent) as well as resistant. At Cash Converters we have second-hand climbing ropes of this type in perfect condition. Why not take a look and see what you can save compared to a new one?

High mountain backpack

One of the peculiarities that climbing has is that, either during the journey to the rock wall or once you are already hanging from it, you will not want to turn around and go looking for something you have forgotten. For this reason, it is very important to have a good high mountain backpack for when we go climbing.

These types of backpacks are prepared to carry everything you need to do both climbing and trekking in an orderly manner in your pockets. Its materials are resistant, light and waterproof , so you won’t have to worry too much about where you mess with it.

Would you like to take a climbing backpack for your next getaway? Well, then you have to look at the second-hand mountain backpacks that we have on offer at Cash Converters.

climbing harness

Another of the best and most important climbing accessories is the harness. And it is that not just anyone will do, it must be a harness specifically designed and manufactured for sports practice . If you don’t want to make a mistake, we recommend that you look for a second-hand harness from our catalogue, many are in perfect condition.

The purpose of this harness is to keep you in balance while climbing, while also allowing you to easily hook and unhook the ropes and carabiners as needed on your ascent or descent with maximum safety . Climbing harnesses are different from safety harnesses, so keep this in mind and look for your climbing gear at a specialist store.


We have reached the end and the last and most important of the climbing accessories is the carabiner. Or rather, carabiners because you will need to buy several to practice this sport. But don’t worry, at Cash Converters we have second-hand carabiners at much lower prices than if they were brand new.

When you go to buy you should look at what size they are, since the carabiners can be short ( from 10 to 12 cm ) or long ( from 15 to 18 cm ). The difference is that shorter carabiners are lighter and less bulky, while longer carabiners will help reduce rope drag. Our recommendation is that you get a pair of each type.

And so far our guide with the best climbing accessories for beginners. Hopefully once you’ve come this far, you’ll be clear about everything you need to buy to start practicing this sport. So, the only thing left for us to tell you is that… See you at the top! And in the comment box too.

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