University from a Higher Degree and How to Access

University from a Higher Degree

University from a Higher Degree

In an increasingly competitive job market, it is a good idea to expand your training to acquire stronger professional knowledge and skills. A university degree will open the doors to the world of work faster and allow you to access better-paying jobs. In fact, last year 81.5% of the job offers published in Spain demanded a university degree and / or postgraduate studies , according to the latest Adecco report. If you want to continue training, you can access the university from a Higher Degree.


The traditional access route to the university is through the Baccalaureate and the completion of the EvAU (Evaluation for University Access). However, it is not the only way. It is also possible to access the university from a Higher Degree .

One of the most important requirements to access the university is the cut-off mark , at least in the Public University. It is the minimum grade necessary to enter the career you want to study.

If you are in the Baccalaureate, the average grade is obtained from the Baccalaureate grade and the EvAU exam . However, if you take a FP you do not have to take the EvAU exam, so the average grade taken into account is the one you get during the two years of the higher cycle. That means that the maximum grade you can achieve with a FP to access the career of your choice will be 10 points. 

However, it is possible that the cut-off mark in some university majors is higher than 10 . In university degrees with a limited supply and a high demand for places, the cut-off marks are usually quite high. Such is the case of Medicine, whose cut-off mark in several universities exceeds 13 points.

Given that there is no number of places reserved for FP students in the general university entrance quota, these 10 points may not be enough to gain access to the degree you want to study.

In that case, you have the option of enrolling in a private university that offers its own degree. You just have to check that among the university entrance requirements there is not a very high average grade. At the European University, for example, we offer you a wide range of university degrees that you can take in person. And if you prefer to study at a distance, we also have a wide range of online degrees to choose from.

Another alternative is to take the specific part of the university entrance exam to improve your entrance mark by up to 4 points. The EvAU exams are divided into a general and a specific part, so if you have a FP, you only have to take the specific part. You can take a maximum of four subjects , although only the grades of the two subjects in which you get the best grade will be taken into account.

If you want to increase your chances of accessing the University from the Higher Degree , it would be better that you check the weighting table made by your autonomous community. This way you will be able to take the exams of the subjects that can raise your grade the most.


A positive aspect of entering the university from the Higher Degree is that you can have preferential access to the career. If more people from the places offered want to enter a university degree, preferential access is given to students who have completed training cycles in the same branch of knowledge.

For example, if you have studied a higher degree in the branch of Health Sciences, you will have preferential access to careers such as Medicine or Nursing and the rest of professional families. In addition, many private universities also first attend the applications of those who have a degree related to the branch of knowledge of the requested career.

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