What is a community manager and what functions does it have?

What is a community manager

What is a community manager

Social networks have gained prominence in the daily lives of millions of people, so that more and more brands and companies use them as a means to connect with their target audience. However, standing out among so many proposals and maintaining an active community is not easy. That is why the community manager has become an essential figure in the marketing strategy of all types of businesses .


By definition, the community manager is a digital marketing professional specialized in the use of 2.0 tools and applications. Its main task is to create and manage the online community of the brand or company using mainly social networks and digital communication channels.

The community manager transmits the identity of the brand and reinforces its image in the digital sphere, in charge of establishing stable and lasting relationships with the community of users, prescribers and clients.


  • Execute the social media marketing plan

The community manager is tasked with executing the social media marketing plan designed by the Social Media Strategist. The plan should start from an analysis of the brand, the competition and the target audience to set specific, measurable and realistic objectives , as well as the performance indicators that you will use to evaluate them.

The community manager is also in charge of planning the actions necessary to achieve these objectives, from contests and promotions on social networks to collaborations with influencers or synergies with other brands. In addition, you must distribute the budget wisely and establish a schedule for the execution of the plan .


One of the main functions of the community manager is to build a strong community around the brand . This professional must generate interest in the brand and convert followers into customers. That means that they must be able to establish stable and lasting relationships with fans, generating an emotional bond that encourages them to get involved with the brand.

The community manager must also listen to the community and identify their needs , preferences and expectations. In fact, it is in charge of responding to doubts or claims made through the Internet, providing solutions that reduce discomfort to avoid damage to the brand image.


The community manager must convey the personality of the brand , so he is not only in charge of determining the communication axes but also the tone and style that will be used in each of the social networks and the different digital channels.

In your hands is the content agenda and the publication schedule . This professional chooses the contents that add value and generate engagement, adapting them to the characteristics of the public of each social network to achieve the maximum possible reach.


Another function of the community manager is to monitor the brand’s digital actions and publications, measuring their impact through different performance indicators, from the engagement rate, to the total number of interactions and the conversion rate.

You must be aware of the news in the sector to detect the most relevant content and identify new opportunities or possible threats for the company. You should also know what is being said about the brand, its products or services to anticipate a possible reputational crisis.

If you are interested in working in this sector, you should know that the salary of the community manager usually ranges between 18,000 and 35,000 gross euros per year, depending on the position they occupy, their experience and the size of the company where they work. With our superior programs you will be able to acquire all the knowledge, skills and tools that a community manager needs:

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