What is a miter saw and what is it for?

What is a miter saw and what is it for?

Have you been told about miter saws and you don’t know what they are? Not only do we explain what a miter saw is and everything it is used for, but we will also show you the different types that exist, all the cuts you can make with them and where to buy them at the best price.

If you are a complete handyman or work in both construction and DIY projects, you will know how important it is to always have a good assortment of saws on hand. And although there is quite a bit of debate about which types of saws are more necessary than others, the miter saw is among all the saw par excellence.

Also, even if you don’t know what a miter saw is right now, you’ll be glad to know that they are very easy to use and handle . And it is that depending on the type of project you have ahead, a miter saw can be a valuable ally when working materials of all kinds. Know more about oglasi crna gora.

So, so that you don’t have any doubts, we are going to review everything you need to know about these saws. Starting by explaining what a miter saw is, what they are used for, the cuts you can make with them, the types that exist and their differences with other types of saws.

But first of all, did you know that you can buy second-hand miter saws much cheaper than in any store ! With a two-year warranty and dozens of models from the best brands to choose from.

What is a miter saw?

By definition, a miter saw or miter saw is a special type of saw designed to make miter and cross cuts in a workpiece. To make these cuts, the miter saw design allows you to hold the saw by a handle and pull a mounted circular blade down over the workpiece.

In this type of cut the saw blade lowers over a piece to cut it, instead of running the saw blade along the piece. In this way, when using a miter saw, the piece to be cut is held against the stop of the saw, giving it a precise angle of cut .

However, this does not mean that miter saws can only make cuts with the same inclination. In fact, one of the main advantages of miter saws is the ability to turn the saw blade at different angles to make all kinds of cuts.

What is a miter saw for?

Now that you know what a miter saw is, it is time to learn a little more about what it is for. And it is that despite the fact that there are those who maintain that miter saws have a somewhat limited range of uses in terms of cuts and materials, the reality is that they are very useful. So much so that miter saws are the most used saws on a day-to-day basis in carpentry and construction .

The fast cutting action and easy angle adjustments allow users to cut parts to exact angles in just seconds. especially useful for making things like picture frames, crown molding, doors, boxes, cornices, and more.

Among many of the other things a miter saw is good for when you need to make many small parts from a longer work piece. That is why miter saws are very common on construction sites , especially during the framing phase. And it is that from the smallest to the largest miter saws, they can be installed and used to cut wall studs and other components of the structure. In addition to being able to also be used to cut the necessary angles in any of them, all in just a few minutes.

What types of cut do miter saws make?

Due to their design, miter saws have a limited range of use, but they are no less useful for that, as they are capable of making at least two different types of cuts .

cross sections

Cross cutting is the most common to do with a miter saw and involves making a right angle cut parallel to the edges through a work piece (Example of this would be cutting the end of a 2×4 board to convert it in a 2×3)

The advantage of using a miter saw to make these types of cuts is that you just drop the blade onto the workpiece. Which is much easier and more accurate than any other method that relies on guiding the blade through a part.


The miter cut is where the miter saw gets its name. These are none other than angled cuts that you make across a piece by making diagonals at any degree of angle. However, this does not mean that the blade itself is angled, but rather the direction in which it is cut.

These types of cuts are much easier to make when using a miter saw, as this saw can make the cut without any manual maneuvering of the blade. This is thanks to the guides on its base, which allow you to position the piece at the exact angle you need to cut before lowering it.

Types of miter saw

If you have come this far, surely you are clear about what a miter saw is and what it is for, so we can only explain the two types of miter saws that exist and what you can do with each of them.

standard miter saw

Ideal for all types of professionals who work continuously with frames, or any handyman with basic cutting needs . The most basic and inexpensive models of miter saws offer straight cuts at a variety of angles. The size of the cut depends on the size of the blade, but all miter saws can cut at least 90° and 45° angles.

compound miter saw

These more advanced types of miter saws have the ability to rotate the blade head to a greater variety of angles (beyond the basic 90° or 45°). This allows for more complex cuts that are used when doing setting work on all types of woodworking and construction projects.

Differences between a miter saw and other tools

Finally, and so that you do not get confused, we are going to finish explaining what a miter saw is through the differences between it and other types of saws that exist.

What is the difference between miter saws and circular saws?

Miter saws are very similar to circular saws in that the former are a variation of the latter in a way, but the fundamental difference is that one is mounted and the other is not . In this way, circular saws are manual and are designed to make long or short cuts in a piece. Which gives them more versatility, but makes them more dependent on the user.

On the contrary, miter saws are more static but safe and efficient . And it is that once you have the piece aligned and ready, you only have to lower the saw and make the cut, and move on to the next one.

What is the difference between miter saws and jigsaws?

Although miter saws are similar to circular saws in some ways, they couldn’t be more different from jigsaws. Jigsaws use a small flat blade that moves up and down to make complicated or intricate cuts in wood in any direction. This gives the jigsaw a greater sense of freedom, as the user is not running the blade across a workpiece that is positioned against a fence.

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