What is bootcamp?

What is bootcamp?

What is bootcamp?

Like many aspects of our lives, work is constantly evolving due to the emergence of new technologies. Digital transformation means that as professionals we have to keep up to date, in addition to learning new knowledge and skills. And what better way to do it with a bootcamp ?

Bootcamps are a type of training that has been gaining popularity in recent years. With these studies you will be able to improve your professional profile, acquire knowledge in new technologies, qualify yourself in a specific area, give a boost to your resume or help you get promoted, if that is what you are looking for.

In this post, we will see in more detail what a bootcamp is , what they consist of and the types of bootcamps that you can study, such as a bootcamp in data science or a bootcamp in web development .


The meaning of the bootcamp has its origin in a method used by the American armed forces to train troops. It is based on working at high intensity to achieve the best performance in a short period of time.

Applying this methodology to the field of university education , bootcamps are a type of teaching that has a different format than a traditional postgraduate or master’s degree.

In this way, bootcamps are defined as short and intensive courses with a strong experiential component to train students in a specific discipline, normally related to new digital technologies , with high professional demand.

In summary, we can conclude that they are a quick way to specialize and gain greater knowledge in an area.

The growing demand for digital profiles has made bootcamps one of the most demanded courses in recent years. Its success is based on rapid specialization in the most popular branches of the technology sector, thus increasing the chances of finding or changing jobs.

The digital profile shortage isn’t just limited to Silicon Valley, it’s a global problem. A report by the European Commission estimated that between 500,000 and 750,000 jobs related to new technologies would remain vacant due to a lack of qualified profiles in 2020.


As we have said before, although there are several types of bootcamps in the education sector, we explain in more detail some options that you can choose:

  • MASTER IN DATA SCIENCE : With this bootcamp, you will learn to develop projects based on data, with the most used and demanded technologies today. In addition, you will have the theoretical foundations necessary to argue the results and decisions that are extracted from the analyzes carried out and with the necessary knowledge to carry out the projects from start to finish.
  • MASTER IN WEB ANALYTICS: YOU WILL learn the behavior of users who access and use the web. You will also learn how to collect and treat the large amount of data they generate. In addition, you will delve into the analysis of all that information to be able to make company decisions.
  • BLOCKCHAIN MASTER: YOU WILL study the different technologies and their applications, obtaining a technical domain in the design and implementation of Blockchain solutions. As part of this bootcamp at the European University, you can also get one of the most demanded certifications in the labor market.
  • Master in Web Development: This bootcamp is designed for people who want to train in the world of programming. You will acquire the necessary skills to develop complete web applications, from the HTML view to the storage of information in databases.
  • MASTER IN DIGITAL MARKETING: After finishing this bootcamp, you will know the main strategies, tactics and ways of working in Digital Marketing and how to integrate them into a marketing plan in a company.
  • MASTER PROJECT MANAGEMENT: YOU WILL  learn the skills necessary to transform and manage organizations, both at the business level and at the level of personal skills.
  • MASTER UX / UI: With this qualification you will train as a multidisciplinary designer, capable of knowing the behavior of users who access a web page, app or product.


If you want to study a bootcamp in Madrid , at the European University, in addition to having a broad portfolio covering each branch of the digital environment, we have a leading consulting partner in Digital Marketing and Technology. The professionals will share with you their experience and the latest innovations, which will be key in your preparation process to be a competitive professional. In addition, our teaching staff is made up of active professionals who manage digital marketing projects in all sectors.

And not only that. Studying your bootcamp, you will participate in events and masterclasses on the latest trends and expand your networking network. You will also have the opportunity to access monthly sessions in which we will analyze your leap into the professional market and how to face the selection processes successfully.

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