Why and What is study Pharmacy

Why and What is study Pharmacy

Why and What is study Pharmacy

Does the drug industry catch your attention? Are you an organized, responsible person and would you like to work with the public? Do you want to train in the field of Health? Do not give it more lapses, studying Pharmacy has the keys to answer affirmatively to all these questions.

In this article we give you the main reasons to study this university career. And, by the way, we will tell you a little more about the two modalities that we offer at the European University: the Degree in On-site Pharmacy and the Degree in Blended Pharmacy , of which we are pioneers in Europe.


Pharmacists play a fundamental role when it comes to the welfare of society, since the main mission of these professionals is to improve people’s quality of life. To do this, they guide and advise them when it comes to providing the most appropriate resources and means to cure their illnesses or treat a specific pathology .

By studying Pharmacy, you will be able to contribute to this, since you will be trained in the research, development and distribution of medicines that ordinary people can later find for sale in pharmaceutical offices (pharmacies or drugstores), or, that doctors use in hospitals and health centers.

Another positive aspect for choosing this university career is its global and multidisciplinary approach to the Health area . Once all the subjects have been passed, you will have a broad and solid knowledge base of disciplines that encompass it, such as, for example, Organic Chemistry, Physiology, Biochemistry, Botany, Medicine or Cellular and Molecular Biology, among others. . This will allow you to effectively tackle the daily challenges of your work from different perspectives.

And not only this. If you want the solutions you provide to be reliable as well, you will also need to have a current vision of the sector and be up to date with current regulations. Something that you will achieve by studying Pharmacy.


The professional offer offered by the Degrees of Biomedical and Health in general, and an academic training in the pharmaceutical sector in particular, is very wide and varied. This makes many of the people who wonder why study Pharmacy find a good argument to undertake this career path.

Among the main entities and organizations in which you can carry out your professional activity as a pharmacist, are the following:

  • Teaching and research (public and private centers)
  • Industry: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agri-food, chemical, environmental, etc.
  • Public Health Administration
  • R + D + i departments in consulting firms and companies
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacy Offices
  • Hospitals and other health services


The European University is the first institution of Higher Education in Europe to include in its academic offer the possibility of studying the Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy in a blended mode , with the aim of meeting the needs of active professionals who want to complement their training or reorient their career professional.

We put at your disposal a training, on the one hand, flexible because it combines online sessions through the Virtual Campus, study and face-to-face classes with a high experiential content . And, on the other hand, personalized, since you will have an academic tutor who will guide and accompany you throughout the degree.

Our Study Plan is designed so that you understand how the human body and medical pathologies work and so that you acquire the technological competencies that are essential for the performance of the profession of pharmacist.

Ultimately, this university career in blended mode is integrated into the OneHealth strategy that the Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences of our university has implemented to provide training to active professionals and that includes various Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of the field of human, animal and environmental health. 

Do not think about it any more and embark on this adventure, surely you will not regret it.

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