Why to study in International Trade?

International Trade?

International Trade?

Increasing globalization has blurred geographical and tariff barriers, giving an enormous boost to international trade. In 2019, world merchandise trade reached $ 19.051 trillion and trade in commercial services accounted for $ 5.898 trillion, according to the World Trade Organization. In this scenario, studying International Trade is an excellent idea, since it is a highly demanded profession with multiple job opportunities.


International trade is an economic activity that involves the purchase, sale or exchange of goods and services in different currencies and forms of payment between companies and organizations from different countries.

Training programs in International Trade, such as our Higher Degree in International Trade Online and the Higher Degree in International Trade Face-to-face , will prepare you so that you can plan and manage commercial processes worldwide in any type of company .

With a Higher Degree Training Cycle in International Trade, you will acquire a series of multidisciplinary knowledge and skills that range from international marketing to digital commerce, passing through the administrative management of commercial operations.


Studying International Trade in Spain will allow you to work both in private companies and at the state level. He considers that many SMEs are immersed in an internationalization process to expand their business and boost sales, so that the demand for expert profiles in foreign trade is increasing.

With a Higher Degree in International Trade you can work as:

Technical in foreign trade. You will be in charge of launching the external operations of the company, planning its international financial actions and / or managing the sale of different types of merchandise on the world market.

International trade agent. Your main mission will be to find product manufacturers in foreign markets for your company or find clients, so you will have to negotiate contracts and design new business strategies.

Technician in consulting agencies. This exit from international trade focuses on advising other companies on foreign trade matters to facilitate their purchase and sale operations.

International Marketing Technician. You will be responsible for transferring the company’s marketing strategy to the countries where it operates, so you will have to study the characteristics of the new market and identify opportunities to plan the appropriate marketing actions.

International sales technician. Another of the professional opportunities of international trade consists of conducting market research to detect the best ways to promote and distribute the products or services offered by the company and differentiate them from the competition.

Technician in foreign operations of financial institutions and insurance companies. In this case, you will focus on managing and verifying the viability of international operations carried out by banking or insurance entities.

International business operations assistant. In this position, you will be responsible for contacting suppliers from different countries to facilitate the company’s operations in the foreign market and support its internationalization strategy.

Logistic coordinator. Studying the Higher Degree in International Trade will enable you to take charge of the storage chain for the company’s foreign distribution, supervising and optimizing all logistics operations in the international arena.

Transport logistics technician. This exit from international trade is aimed at transport and logistics companies, where you can plan, organize and manage everything related to the international transport service.

Freight forwarder. As a freight forwarder, you will take care of the shipment or receipt of merchandise, you will look for the best freight rates, you will choose trusted carriers, you will select the fastest routes that optimize costs and you will take care of the transit between customs.

Ship consignee. If you choose this professional outlet in international trade, you will work in the maritime sector ensuring that shipments arrive in a timely manner. Also, you will be in charge of the management of operations, the preparation of port documentation, the search for transport, as well as the loading and unloading of the merchandise.

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